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Bio-tek ELX 50 8 way head strip Plate Washer
High performance and reliability plus simple operation

The ELX 50 8 way head strip 96 well plate washer combines high performance with reliability, simplicity and ease of use.

  • Reliable and easy to use 
  • Color coded assembly on the reservoirs for easy and quick set up
  • 8- way wash head for plate washings
  • Fast well-washing capability
  • Quick release wash/waste bottle caps

Quick and easy programming

ELX 50 96 well Strip Plate Washer. Programmable instrument, the ELx50 allows for full control of precise fluidic delivery from the gentle dripping of a simple squeeze bottle to the full force of pressure delivery systems.

In a 96-well format, the Dual-Action manifold provides incomparable wash performance  with two sets of dispense and aspiration tubes per well. This exclusive method of two-fold aspiration guarantees low residuals. This ELx50 Auto Strip Washer is the perfect solution for low volume users of 96 well microplates. Microplate types All flat-bottom 96-well plates, All 96-well plates, 1x8 strips (8-well).  Processing speed <130 seconds (3 cycles, 300 μL/well, 96 wells) <250 seconds (3 cycles, 100 μL/well, 384 wells). Wash cycles 1-10, with volume range of 25 to 3000 µl/well. Dispense precision <3% CV typical. Residual volume <4 μL/well (96 wells) Soak Time 1 to 600 seconds, Shaking User-programmable speeds and timing. Onboard software contains 75 programs with program linking. Overflow wash/overfill protection and 5 maintenance programs. 

Technical specifications

ELX 50 Washer
Weight 10 kg
Wash/waste bottle capacity included 2 liter + 2 liter
Additional wash bottle capacity 2 liter or 4 liter
Priming consumption 15-20 ml
Operating pressure (self-limited) 0.5 bar
Residual volume <5 μL per well, average/plate
Precision 5%
Wash time <5 seconds for one wash

Ordering information

Cat. no. Description
P67175 ELX 50 with 8 way head 110-120 V AC/60 Hz Remanufactured