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Finstrip Elisa Strip Washer
High performance and reliability plus simple operation

The Finstrip 96 well plate washer combines high performance with reliability, simplicity and ease of use. Sold and serviced by MTX Lab Systems, Inc. since 1984, the Finstrip washer meets the exacting standards of today’s assay requirements.

  • Reliable and easy to use
  • Color coded assembly for quick and easy set up
  • Unique co-axial wash heads for trouble-free washing and low residual volumes
  • 8- and/or 12-way interchangeable wash heads
  • Volume dispensing, and washing up to full and fast
    well-washing capability
  • Automatic pump shutdown
  • Programmable card included for additional features
  • Quick release wash/waste bottle caps

Top performance with unique co-axial wash heads

With their unique and proven design, the co-axial wash heads of the Finstrip Washer ensure excellent washing efficiency and low residual volumes of less than 5μL. For clean delivery of washing buffer, the inner dispensing tubes are made of stainless steel. A continuous vacuum in the outer tube prevents cross-contamination and ensures complete liquid removal. Switching between the 8- and 12-way wash heads takes just a few seconds.

For fast selection of routine protocols, the Finstrip Washer comes with a programmable card. If needed, an additional rinse bottle can be connected.

Technical specifications

Weight 10 kg
Wash/waste bottle capacity 2 liter + 2 liter
Additional wash bottle capacity 2 liter
Priming consumption 15-20 ml
Operating pressure (self-limited) 0.5 bar
Residual volume <5μL per well, average/plate
Precision 5%
Wash time <5 seconds
Wash heads  8-and/or 12 way*
Programmable switch card Included

Ordering information

Cat. no. Description
P67104 Finstrip Washer 110-120V AC/60 Hz  New
P67106 Finstrip Washer 110-120V Remanufacturedw/8 way head
P67107 Finstrip Washer 110-120V Remanufactured* w/12 way head

The New Finstrip Washer comes with 8- and 12-way wash heads
and includes the programmable switch card. 
*The Remanufactured Finstrip Washer comes with an 8 way wash head
12 way wash head and includes the programmable switch card. 

9741066 2 liter wash and waste reservoir
9741023 12-way wash head
9741022 8-way wash head
9741002 Tubing Pack

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MTX Lab Systems, Inc. in Vienna, Virginia, is a specialized Company offering high-end Microplate products for the lab and the only continuous long-term factory trained service technicians and direct importers for Microplate Instrumentation (Since 1982).  At MTX Labs, we know that scientific instruments must keep pace with the progress of discovery.  This is what keeps us at the leading edge in our field.

Formerly ICN/Flow Laboratories/Labsystems/Titertek/Denley high quality technical services with 27 years of customers retaining and using their instruments for 15+ years after service or purchase. 

Our products cover a wide range of Absorbance, photometric and liquid handling capabilities, supplied by several manufacturers.  These include Elisa readers and Elisa washers, dispensers, pipettors, software, and robotic systems.

MTX Lab Systems has provided Pipette and Microplate instrumentation sales and support since 1982. Over 1232 in-stock instruments with new instruments arriving daily.