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4 Multidrop Models

High-speed dispensing for microplates

MTX Labs, Inc. offers you an entire range of Multidrop units to choose from. Each ideally suits specific microplate dispensing needs - so you'll find the one that best matches your application.

Multidrop 96/384
The Multidrop 96/384 is an automated microplate dispenser designed for high-throughput screening and microvolume dispensing into 384- and 96-well plates. With a volume range of 5-100µl for 384-well plates and  5-395µl for 96-well plates, the Multidrop 384 offers superior flexibility for a wide range of applications.
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Multidrop 96/Deep Well/Test Tubes
The Multidrop Deep Well is a high-speed automated dispenser for Deep Well plates, 1.1 ml test tubes and 96-well plates. It covers a volume range of 20-995µl.
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 Multidrop 96
The Multidrop is a well-proven microplate dispenser for 96 well plates. It enables accurate and precise dispensing of up to eight different reagents into 96-well microplates. The dispensing volume range is
20-395 µl/ well.
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 Multidrop Micro 1µl
The Mulidrop Micro is the most recent addition to the Finstruments® successful Multidrop family of bulk reagent dispensers. Multidrop Micro is a stand-alone instrument but also has the flexibility to be integrated easily with robotic systems. Using specifically developed technology Multidrop Micro rapidly and accurately dispenses microvolumes of 1-50 µl into 384- and 96-well microplates. Using increments of just 1µl Multidrop Micro provides a new level of precision for your dispensing needs. It is easy to select the exact volumes you require with the convenient onboard switches.

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The Multidrop Family Frequently Asked Questionss

Q: Can the same dispensing cassette be used in all Multidrop models: Multidrop, Multidrop DW and Multidrop 384 and Multidrop stacker units?
A: Yes! All Multidrop models have been designed to use the same patented dispensing cassette and the tubing itself can be used from 3,000-5,000 times! Accept no substitutes for high quality tubing.  Your applications will suffer the consequences of use of low quality tubings. 

Q: How many times can the dispensing cassette be autoclaved?
A: 50 times. With exception for Catalog's #9714103 & #9714104 Polypropylene Molding Models. 

Q: What are the autoclaving conditions for dispensing cassette?
A: Autoclaving conditions: 1 bar pressure, 121ºC for 20 minutes. 

Q: How high Deep Well plates can be used with Multidrop DW?
A: The height of the Deep Well plate can be up to 50 mm.

Q: What is the dead volume of the standard 40 cm tubing set?
A: The dead volume is about 5.6 ml. No wasting of reagents due to the special back-flush feature of Multidrop, with which you can empty your reagents from the tubings back to the original container.

Q: What is the material of Multidrop priming vessel?
A: Multidrop and Multidrop 384 priming vessel is made from black PP (polypropylene), Multidrop DW priming vessel is made from black PVC (polyvinylchloride).

Q: What liquid is recommended to be used for washing the Multidrop tubes?
A: We recommend distilled deionized (aqua) water and/or detergent solutions, e.g. 0.2 - 1 % Tween followed by distilled deionized (aqua).

Q: What is the material of the dispensing cassette tip band?
A: The tip band material is PP (Polypropylene), the melting temperature of it is 160-165 °C.

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