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Bio-Rad 3550 UV Plate Reader/Stacker


The Bio Rad Model 3550 UV Reader/Stacker automatic microplate readers are ideal for laboratories needing a multifunctional reader with superior optical specifications. The model 3550 Microplate Reader feature powerful on-board software- kinetic capabilities- and high volume and thermal capacities. Moreover- the model 3550 Microplate reader- with its 340 to 750 nm spectral range and high performance optics- is perfect for specialized applications requiring increased linearity- higher O.D. range- and a UV light source.

Flexibility for Diverse Analyses

The flexibility and multifunctional nature of the Model 3550 Microplate Readers makes them ideal for laboratories with diverse microplate analysis needs. Some of the features that make the model 3550 Microplate Reader perfect for comprehensive microplate analysis include:

- Powerful on-board software to collect date- analyze results- and produce reports
- High speed optics- on-board plate mixer- and special multiple reading mode to provide kinetic data collection
- Modular design to allow the additional of thermal- automatic stack loading- and bar code reader accessories.
- Dual functionality to operate either as an independent- stand alone unit or a computer controlled data analysis system.

The Microplate Manager software combines the speed- sensitivity- and versatility of Bio-Rad's Model 3550 Microplate Reader with the advanced computing power of the Apple Macintosh or Microsoft Windows compatible computers. The result is powerful microplate data analysis systems featuring:

Customized plate formatting. Any combination of samples- standards- controls- and blanks is permitted. The format can be partitioned to contain three sections with independent analyses.

Seven analysis reports. Raw Data- Absorbance- Limit- Matrix- Normalization- Positive Control- and Curve Fit reports are available.

Sophisticated curve fitting. A choice of nine graphical tranformations is provided: linear- linear-log- log-linear- log-log- with both linear and quadratic regressions- and the Logit-log method. The mean- standard deviation and coefficient of variation are determined for replicate data points and the software accurately calculates the sample concentrations based on the standard curve.

Comprehensive data reduction. Dual wavelength subtraction and manual data removal are just some of the additional features that enhance the flexibility and power of your analysis.

Easy data export. Data is exported to Lotus 1-2-3- Microsoft Excel- Cricket Graph- and many other applications.Bio Rad Model 3550 Microplate Reader Specification
Optical Photometric Methods: Single or dual
Spectral Range: 380 to 750 nm
Resolution: 0.001 O.D
Linearity: +/- 2.0 percent of full scale 0.000 to 2.000 O.D
Instrument Reading Time: 12.0 seconds
Filters: 405- 415- 450- 490- 595- and 655 nm
Filter Capacity: 6
Display: 80 x 16 LCD characters
Plate Mixing Duration: 3 sec
H x W x D inch -
Weight -
Power -