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Bio-Rad Ultramark



The Bio-Rad Ultramark Microplate Reader is unlike any other. It's the only reader that allows you to read any plate format- from a single well to 1536 wells. It's the only one that provides verifiable results up to 4.0 OD. And it's the world's only microplate reader that also serves as an imager. The Ultramark truly is a remarkable performer!

The Most Flexible- Adaptable Microplate Reader Ever

In today's rapidly changing world of life science research- you need the right equipment for your field of study. Utilizing the most advanced technology- the Ultramark microplate imaging system is a versatile- adaptable tool that enables you to perform far more applications than any other microplate reader available. Ultramark is much more than a simple 96-well microplate reader.

Because the Ultramark reader can read any microplate format- you're able to produce single results for each well- or an image of the entire plate surface. Additionally- complete robotics capability means the Ultramark reader can be interfaced as a detector for high-throughput analysis with any type of robotic system.

The Ultramark Microplater Reader from Bio-Rad has a number of very specialized features. It can perform sophisticated Curve Fit Analyses using the choice of linear- quadratic- cubic or logistic fit types. The choice of linear or lograrithmic curve fit graphicical axis scaling is available as welll as external standard curves for multiple plats. The curves fit the overlay for comparison.

If you need to execute complex kenetic analyses the Ultramark Microplate Reader is again your best bet. The Ultramark give you the choice from a number of calculation points for VMax- Simple Velocity Calculation- Negative or positive scope calculation -Absorbance Limit Section - Kenetic Correlation coefficient display and calculation for fit (r value) and real time data acquisition and zoom on well capability.

Bio-Rad Ultramark Microplate Reader Specification

Wave Length 250 to 750 nm
Photometric Lenght 0.0 to 4.5 O.D.
Photometic Linearity 0.0 to 4.0 O.D. +/- 1 percent at 405 nm
Photometric Accuracy < +/- 0.002 O.D. or < +/- 0.5 percent 0 to 4.0 O.D.
Photometric Precision < +/- 0.002 O.D. or < +/- 0.5 percent 0 to 4.0 O.D.
Photometric Resolution 0.001 O.D.
Light Source Xenon Flash
Read Time 6 sec/96 well- 12 sec/384 well- (single wavelength) 33 sec/1-536 well
Plate Shaking 3 speeds- time selectable
Incubation Ambient + 5 C to 42 C
Plate Types 1 to 1-536 wells
Filter Type: 10-position filter magazine