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M96 Plate Washer

M96 Full Plate Washer/Cell Washer and Dispenser. Remanufactured. Improve the accuracy of your lab, reduce user time and offer compatibility with this versatile washer. Automatic rinse feature initiates a complete rinse/cleanout. Internal sensors automatically profile your various sized microplates ensuring smooth operation. Human error is virtually eliminated, correct positioning is ensured, and wash cycle performance is at its best as a result of this automatic sizing feature.  Click here to see more on the operations. 

  Unique Plate Profiling
  Easy Block Clearing
  Independent Z Axis fill and aspirate are never cross contaminating
  Bi-Directional Interface for PC Control
  Positive Displacement Glass Syringe Pump
  7 Programmable Cycles, Shaking and Soak Times
  Lateral Aspiration "Supervac"
  Automatic Rinse
 Programmable Features:
 - Wash fluid volume 50-500μL
 - Soak time 0-999 seconds
 - Shake time 0-300 seconds

7 wash cycle types-dispense/aspirate, superwash, supervac, superwash/supervac, dispense, aspirate, supervac only. Linking of four wash cycle programs with multiple program storage locations. Discrete plate profile for each wash protocol. Comes complete with one year warranty on all remanufactured models. All connections are color coded for easy user set up.

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Catalog # Instrument Description/Price/# in stock
P67150 M96 Plate Washer/ $4,995./8
Complete System
M96 Plate Washer Complete System

 M96 Washer 20 Plate Stacker unit click here

Dynex OpsysThermo Fisher Opsys MW Microplate Strip Washer. Demo The Opsys MW is an economic, full-featured 96-well microplate strip washer.  An excellent choice for many laboratories because of its simplicity, ease-of-use, flexible and intuitive protocol definition, and  8-way (column) microplate washing for full plates or strips.


Providing a surprising amount of flexibility for its size and price with user-definable plate types and wash protocols with significant versatility.

  • Wash whole or partial plates by row with interchangeable 8-way and 12-way wash head (user needs to purchase) separately.

  • Combine prime, dispense, soak and aspirate steps in any order, defining the duration and repetition of each protocol step (soak times can range from 1 to 999 seconds)

  • Define, name, save and password-protect up to 10 microplate definitions

  • Define, name, save, copy and password-protect up to 40 wash protocols

  • Control how vigorously the Opsys MW cleans the bottom of each well by choosing the precise wash head height you need


The Opsys MW provides consistent results with low well-to-well variation.  Sweep mode aspiration provides minimal residual volume on flat bottom plates.

  • Dispense precision of 5% CV for 96 wells, using 300μL of distilled water.

  • Sweep mode aspiration provides a "sweeping" wash head movement during aspiration to achieve reproducibly low residual volumes

  • Low residual aspirate volumes of < 1μL for U, V, and C bottom microplates; and <5μL for flat bottom plates (with sweep mode)

  • On-board self-diagnostic routines automatically assure that the Opsys MW is functioning properly each time it is turned on


The Opsys MW provides key features that simplify setup, protocol definition, operation and cleanup.

  • Compact dimensions conserve valuable bench space

  • 8-way head can be quickly and easily interchanged to wash full or partial microplates by row or column by way of a 12 way head

  • "Show" function provides quick verification of wash head height settings when defining a wash protocol

Comes complete with all accessories and one year warranty. All connections are color coded for easy user set up.

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Catalog # P67188

Thermo Fisher Opsys MW Microplate Washer

Embla 96/384

Molecular Devices Skatron Embla 96/384 well washer. These washers offer versatility for a variety of assays, including cell-based assays. The Embla 96/384 Well Washer accepts 96-and 384-well format microplates and is ideal for ELISAs and most cell-based assays. Embla washers are durable and easy to maintain. Wash heads are made of Polyethylene Terephthlate (PET) with stainless steel probes to prevent corrosion. A rinse program is included for quick and easy daily cleaning of the unit. Integrates easily into laboratory automation systems. Dual wash heads ensure high throughput, flexibility and reliability. PC-programmable in Windows environment. Flexible programming: 99 programs, each with up to 50 steps. RS-232 computer interface. Internal pressure pump. Plate adjustment feature. The Embla 384 cell washer is a top-loading, robotic-compatible microplate washer for high throughput screening. It is designed specifically for cell-based assays, which require a gentler wash, but can also be used for ELISAs.

  Dual wash heads ensure high throughput, flexibility, and reliability
  PC-programmable in Windows® environment
  Flexible programming: 99 programs, each with up to 50 steps
  RS232 computer interface
  Internal pressure pump
  Plate adjustment feature


Dimensions (DxWxH) 48 cm x 40 cm x 22 cm (18.9 in x 15.7 in x 8.7 in)
Dispense Accuracy < 2% CV (96- and 384-well)
Residual Volume < 2μLaverage per well (96-well)
< 1μL
μL average per well (384-well)
Shipping Weight 10.4 kg (23 lbs)
Power Source 85-264 Vac; 50/60 Hz
Wash Elements Stainless steel probes
Dispense & Aspiration Heads PET
Valve Viton®** membrane, solenoid-operated
Inlet/Outlet Ports Polypropylene snap connector
Catalog #P67195 Embla 96/384 Microplate Washer

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