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The Multidrop Family Frequently Asked Questionss

Q: Can the same dispensing cassette be used in all Multidrop models: Multidrop, Multidrop DW, Multidrop 384, Micro and Multidrop stacker units?
A: No! Multidrop models except for the Micro, all have been designed to use the same patented dispensing cassette and the tubing itself can be used from 3,000-5,000 times since 1984 with the exception of the Micro! Accept no substitutes for high quality tubing.  Your applications will suffer the consequences of use of low quality tubings.
Please use the new part numbers for the Micro. 

Q: How many times can the dispensing cassette be autoclaved?
A: 50 times. With exception for Catalog's #9714103 & #9714104 Polypropylene Molding Models. 

Q: What are the autoclaving conditions for dispensing cassette?
A: Autoclaving conditions: 1 bar pressure, 121ºC for 20 minutes. 

Q: How high Deep Well plates can be used with Multidrop DW?
A: The height of the Deep Well plate can be up to 50 mm.

Q: What is the dead volume of the standard 40 cm tubing set?
A: The dead volume is about 5.6 ml. No wasting of reagents due to the special back-flush feature of Multidrop, with which you can empty your reagents from the tubings back to the original container.

Q: What is the material of Multidrop priming vessel?
A: Multidrop and Multidrop 384 priming vessel is made from black PP (polypropylene), Multidrop DW priming vessel is made from black PVC (polyvinylchloride).

Q: What liquid is recommended to be used for washing the Multidrop tubes?
A: We recommend distilled deionized (aqua) water and/or detergent solutions, e.g. 0.2 - 1 % Tween followed by distilled deionized (aqua).

Q: What is the material of the dispensing cassette tip band?
A: The tip band material is PP (Polypropylene), the melting temperature of it is 160-165 °C.

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