Catalog #4500020

Single Channel Pipettes - Finnpipette Digital

The use of expensive reagents has made micropipetting more necessary than ever, especially in the field of biotechnology. Working in the critical range of 0.2 to 1000 Ál places tough demands on pipette performance. The Finnpipette Digital meets these requirements, ensuring guaranteed accuracy and precision.
With its up-to-date streamlined design, the Finnipipette Digital offers improved ergonomics for today's exacting laboratory routines. The rounded handle, modified grippy finger rest, and large display window enhance operator comfort and efficiency.
Finnpipette Digitals also feature several breakthroughs in liquid handling technology - soft-touch tip ejection with a power-boosted gearing mechanism (patented) and super blow-out for 0.2-40 Ál micro-volume pipetting.
For absolute sterility, all Finnpipette Digitals are completely autoclavable. Each pipette has a safety label on the finger rest, and each also comes with a stick-on shelf hanger for convenient storage.
High Performance and ease of use
  • The extended piston produces a confident stroke, even for small volume pipetting
  • Super blow-out ensures accuracy and precision for micro-volume pipetting
  • With the 0.2-2 Ál pipette, volumes can be set in 0.01 Ál increments - for extremely precise work
  • The unique grippy finger rest ensures the correct pipetting angle and maximum comfort during use
  • For reduced operator fatigue, the pipette is very light - thanks to the tough lightweight polymers used in its construction. Low thermal conductivity is another advantage
  • The volume is simple to set by turning the large operating button


Catalog # 000-4500-020
Volume: 0.5-10Ál
Increment: 0.1Ál
Accuracy % ▒5.0-1.0
Precision (CV %) 5.0-1.0
Color code: Grey
Finntip: 250 Universal