Catalog # 4510050

Multichannel Pipettes - Finnpipette Digital MCP

With its streamlined ergonomic design, the Finnpipette Digital Multichannel enhances pipetting comfort and efficiency. Like the single channel Finnpipette Digital, the multichannel offers the following advanced features:
  Soft-touch tip ejection
  Super blow-out for micro volume pipetting (0.5-10l model)
  Entire pipette autoclavable
  Safety label and convenient shelf hanger and stand
  Streamlined design
  Quick-click volume setting; an audible click signals each volume change
  Large display window
  Unique grippy finger rest - for maximum comfort during use


Catalog # 4510050
Channels: 12
Volume: 50-300l
Increment: 5l
Accuracy % 1.5-0.7
Precision (CV %) 0.8-0.3
Color code: Yellow
Finntip: 250 Universal, 300