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Spectrosoft PC Elisa Plate Software

Spectrosoft is a 96 well microplate based reader control software program. A revolutionary state-of-the-art program which will control most laboratory Elisa instrument readers such as Molecular Devices EMAX, VMAX, Thermomax, UVMAX, 25+ models of Multiskans including Plus, 341, 347, EX, RC, Ascent, Fluoroskan & Finstruments™ Fluorescence models, Luminoskan models, and the 1-60 plate Multiskan Reader model Stacker produced by Finstruments™.

With its compatible screen format, users can maintain their current lab instrumentation format, but with greater ease, more accuracy, and faster results. A unique feature of Spectrosoft includes an easy-to-use Windows display interface which is standardized for the most common features of lab commands. Users can obtain a significant increase in quality, productivity, and throughput.

Spectrosoft contains built-in spreadsheet calculation capabilities, database storage and retrieval. Its powerful on-line autoread/kinetic graphic display feature facilitates previewing of results while the operation is still in progress. Real time results are realized on plate data as it develops.

The interface provides the user with a familiar spreadsheet format. However, because it is designed specifically for use within the laboratory as a reader, built-in functions enable sophisticated analysis to compliment the ease of data acquisition. 

  • Optional print function after read

  • Sort and display plate data can be displayed via increasing or decreasing values Will easily integrate into today's modern laboratory by integrating results into presentations

  • Point and click user interface Windows only

  • Control plate motions, blank well, well identification

  • Set standards and identification on any well

  • Set blank on any well, row, or column

  • Read only the data you need (block read)

  • Kinetically control read with auto-read feature, display elapsed time, number of plates read, and monitor real-time kinetic results

  • Auto-baud feature determines the instrument's communication setting automatically (No more guesswork with dip switch settings)

  • Real-time graphic display of individual wells on kinetic read

  • Automatically store data (in database and/or ASCII format) after every kinetic or manual read

  • Instrument control panel to select individual instrument commands filters, mixing, file names and more

  • Built-in relational database to store readings with time stamp, test number, operator ID, batch number, filter setting, instrument type and more

  • Search and sort read data on time, test, operator ID, batch number, session ID and more

  • Printout of graphs, plate data and analysis reports

  • Full support for loading your databases

  • Many built-in and mathematical statistical functions

  • "Real time" data monitoring

  • Linear curve fits 

  • File/data transfer to any spreadsheet for specific curve fits to meet requirements

Use with Windows 2000, 98, 3.11, NT, and XP. 

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