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Spectrosoft Product Features

Spectrosoft is a powerful Microplate Reader software program capable of supporting the most common Microplate Elisa and Fluorescence Readers. Spectrosoft brings powerful Windows features to many older microplate readers.

Pump in new life, new features and flexibility for your plate reader with PC Spectrosoft!

pectrosofts' built-in controls and commands for each type instrument allows the user to select Filters, Shaking, Temp, Single or Dual wavelength and more! Spectrosoft supports the most common readers found in most labs. Others can be added!

Spectrosofts' unique "Comm" Screen control panel allows users complete access to port and instrument controls. Baud rates, data bits, and parity are all selectable to the instrument's needs. A red or green connect/disconnect line shows the user whether or not the reader is connected to the computer. Auto Baud check automatically polls the reader at every setting so you don't have to flip switches during installation!

Spectrosoft is compatible with Windows 2000, 98, 95, 3.11, NT, XP, Vista, and Windows 7
Both Point 'n Click and Drag 'n Drop Icons!

Spectrosofts' plate screen is jam packed with controls and data manipulation features. Database controls such as storing, searching, naming, blocking, blanking, calculations, reading, kinetics, well i.d.'s and more are all accessible via the plate screen.

On the "Options" screen, you'll find print controls, color & font options, export and data saving to other drives, networks, directories and paths! Data exports into any spreadsheet!

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Spectrosoft generates graphic displays of "Point-to-Point" values during kinetic reads. These graphs can be saved in various formats such as TIF, GIF, etc. and can be exported to other multimedia programs or printed directly.

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